I did some smaller stuff during the last few weeks on the Java code:

  • The implemention of the new feature of Esben Rossel Firmware. TCD1304-Firmware [sep. 10th 2017]. You can set the number of integrations from the GUI.
  • The software should now run on 64-bit linux systems. Please refer to
  • The program allows the handling of a lists of spectra,  a three-dimensional representation and a connection to octave.


2 Gedanken zu „Three-Dimensional“

  1. Good Morning.
    I have downloaded and installed your spectrometer software and am running it using the fatjar method. It appears to be exactly what I need for my project (stellar spectra) . There is, however a small problem, that is, the frame runs off the bottom of my PC screen, and some of the controls are hidden. Is there an obvious fix that I can use to fit the frame to my screen? I have tried changing the screen resolution, but without success. Any help would be appreciated. ( By the way, I am not a java programmer, at least not yet.)
    Best regards and dankeschoen,

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